Choosing The Right Socks

Wearing the same socks for work and to the gym and everything in between can leave you with sore feet, blisters, and other avoidable problems. Instead, you should choose the right socks for you, depending on when and where you plan to wear them. This blog is here to take the hard work out of shopping for the right socks, here are the top things to consider.


Your feet contain lots of sweat glands which is why your feet tend to get sweaty so fast, and why the wrong fabric can do so much harm. If your socks absorb moisture from your feet instead of wicking it away, you’ll get chafing and painful blisters.

While cotton seems like a nice, natural fabric, it’s best avoided in socks. Cotton soaks up moisture, creating the unpleasant sensation of damp feet. And damp fabric rubbing against your skin is a sure-fire way to get a blister. Only wear cotton socks if you’re sure you won’t be working up a sweat.

An alternative is a synthetic fabric which is comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking instead. Acrylic or nylon socks are good alternatives to an all cotton sock.

At the Odd Co we’ve worked hard to find the perfect balance of cottony comfort and moisture wicking nylon to make sure your feet stay fresh and comfortable all day.


You’ve probably never given much thought to the fit of your socks but its really important for not only your foot health but the longevity of your socks.

They should be a nice snug fit but not so tight that the seams are rubbing, if you have problems with your arches you can get socks with reinforced arches, running socks usually come with a thicker section on the heel to prevent rubbing on those longer distances.

You should also make sure that your socks work for your shoes. If your shoes are already a little snug the comfy allure of thicker socks might seem nice but will inevitably end up with blisters.


When it comes to look there is really only one sock for the job. The Odd Co socks are all perfectly matched so that even though they are odd they compliment each other. We are so proud of all of our designs and hope you will love them too. Check out the range at and treat your feet to the best socks around.