A Men’s Guide to Wearing the Right Socks With Each Outfit

Socks do a lot more than just protect your feet and keep them warm. They are an essential piece of clothing that can enhance your look and make even a dull outfit look lively. A general rule of thumb when it comes to socks is that they should match what you are wearing. But should they match the shoes or pants? That’s a question with no definite answer. Although, the general opinion leans towards pants, not shoes. Being in the business of designing quality socks, we can tell which are the best kind of socks you can wear with each outfit so you can look dapper no matter the occasion.

Long (Mid-Calf/Over-Calf) Socks

The more formal the occasion, the longer the socks! If you are going to a wedding, an important business meeting or any other formal event, you can wear a mid-calf or over-the-calf pair of socks with a classy and elegant pattern, with a matching suit and Oxford or Derby shoes. Wondering why you should wear long socks for formal occasions? The long length allows the socks to subtly blend with the shoe and pants and keeps your bare legs from showing and causing embarrassment.

Crew Socks 

Reaching only until the beginning of the calf muscles, crew socks are perfect for casual and semi-casual attire. They go well with all kinds of semi-casual outfits, including khaki trousers and jeans with polo t-shirts, and can be paired with Oxford shoes, sneakers, and even Chelsea boots. Due to their ideal length, crew socks are commonly worn by men in both, formal and casual outfits.

Ankle Socks

Are you most comfortable in your gym or sportswear? Then ankle socks are the one for you! They sit right over the ankle and are designed to be worn when exercising or indulging in some physical activity. Despite their short length, they are not an ideal replacement for crew socks or no-show socks because the design and materials used are more relevant to performance gear.

No-Show Socks

As the name suggests, no-show socks are designed to look like they are invisible. They can go well with all kinds of shoes and trouser styles. Loafers, Moccasins, slip-ons, and sneakers are just some of the shoe types that go very well with no-show socks as they put the focus on the shoes and not the socks. No-show socks are also an excellent choice for wearing with shorts in the summer months.

Socks may seem small and insignificant but can enhance or wreck an attire. This is why it is essential to get them right! There is a pair of socks for every outfit and occasion. And if you can figure out the right one for each, nothing can stop you from being the best-dressed man at the party, always. At Odd, we believe matching socks with your shoes or outfit is great, but not always necessary to look good. Our collection of odd socks is filled with differently paired yet classy men’s socks that can complement your formal, semi-casual and casual attires marvellously. Check out the full range and fill up your drawer with the best odd and matching socks for each of your outfits.