How to Wash Socks Correctly and Make Them Last Long

Socks are one of the most essential yet undervalued clothing items in our wardrobe. They not only help keep your feet warm but also add some zing to your appearance. And we all have a favourite pair of socks or two which we want to keep wearing forever. But like other things, socks too last for a limited time before they are chucked away. While we cannot make them last forever, there are still ways we can extend their life and make them look as good as new for the longest time possible.

There are many ways socks can lose their original appeal and become unusable. Shrinkage, pilling, colour fading, and over-stretching are some common problems that occur when socks are repeatedly worn and washed. However, if you use, store, and wash them carefully, you can extend their life and make them look fresh and new for many years. Without further ado, here are some care tips for extending the shelf life of your favourite pair of socks.

  • Keep Your Whites Separate – What is true for all your white clothes is true for your white socks too. Wash your coloured socks separately from the white ones so that the colours don’t run off and ruin your bright whites.
  • Keep Away from Sharp Objects – There is no harm in washing your socks with the rest of your clothes. However, you must take some precautions like pulling up all the zippers on your clothes before washing, as they might get stuck in the fabric of the socks and pull the threads out.
  • Wash At the Right Temperatures – Sure, your socks need to be cleaned thoroughly in every wash. But there is no need to scald them in extremely hot water. You can set the washing machine at 40 for most socks, including cotton. Cashmere socks and merino wool socks, on the other hand, need to be washed preferably by hand with lukewarm water.
  • Turn Them Inside Out – To keep the outside of your socks clean and fresh, it is a good idea to turn your socks inside out before putting them into the washing machine.
  • Use Dryer With Caution – Most cotton socks can be dried in the dryer at medium temperatures. However, certain materials like wool and cashmere should not be put in the dryer and must be air-dried instead to maintain their texture and elasticity. It is always a good idea to check washing instructions on every pair of socks to learn if they are dryer-friendly.


Socks are often thrown away without a second thought when they lose their original beauty and practicality or when we lose one sock from a pair. However, with a little extra care, you can ensure that your socks adorn your feet for the longest time. And with our odd and matching pair of socks, you will have no reason to throw away any socks due to misplacement. Want to see how our odd pair of socks can enhance your outfit? Take a look at our collection and get ready to find your new favourite pair of socks!