New Life For Old Socks

Whilst we are totally on board with every sock drawer in the country being filled to the brim with shiny new Odd Socks, one thing we don’t like is waste. You might have noticed that all the packaging that we use is fully recyclable, so we wanted to give you a few suggestions of how you can use your old socks.

  1. As a duster – fluffy socks work best for this but any sock will do. If your sock isn’t fluffy you might find that dampening it a little helps. Just pop it on your hand and off you go.
  2. As a hot “water” bottle – fill your old sock with rice leaving enough room at the top to tie a knot and then heat it in the microwave for anywhere between 1-3 minutes. This is great for aching muscles and sore spots.
  3. Make a sock puppet – with nice clean socks you can make a whole array of sock puppets and toys to keep small children entertained.
  4. Golf club protector – whilst this might not appeal to everyone socks make great golf club head protectors. Plus it’ll be easy to spot which clubs are yours if you’re travelling.
  5. Prevent your windscreen from fogging up – not many people know this one but fill an old sock up to the ankle with cat litter, tie it up and put it near your windscreen. The absorbent cat litter will absorb the moisture in your car and stop your windscreen misting up.


There are so many great ideas for old socks we could go on all day but do you have any favourite life hacks we have missed out?