What Are Crew Socks – All You Need To Know About Men’s Favourite Socks

Are you someone who randomly picks up socks in the shop or online? Or do you like taking your time to choose the most suitable design and length of socks for different outfits? Either way, you very likely own at least a couple of pairs of crew socks. One of the most popular socks for men, Crew socks traditionally rest just below the calf muscles and are suitable for all outfits and styles. From suits and formal attires to sports and casual wear, crew socks can add the perfect finishing touches to any look.

History of Crew Socks

‘Crew socks’ originate from the standard-sized socks worn by the US navy crew in the late 1940s. After World War 2, these standard navy socks were made available for non-military use, and people started wearing crew socks in everyday life. These days, they are available in all sizes and designs and are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe.

Different Lengths of Crew Socks

Although the ‘half-calf’ length is the standard by which crew socks are most identified, they are available in various lengths to go with different outfits. The lengths can vary across brands but mainly include:

  • Standard Length Crew
  • Micro Crew (¼ Crew)
  • ¾ Crew

While the standard length crew cut is worn commonly with formal attire, the other two lengths are preferred for adventure activities, sports, and informal occasions.

Ideal Time for Wearing Crew Socks

One of the best reasons for including multiple pairs of crew socks in your wardrobe is that they can be worn in all seasons

Crew Socks in Summer

Although ankle socks are usually the choice of socks in the warmer months, crew socks are often the better choice when you’re wearing shorts and are out-and-about making the most of the weather. They prevent a considerable portion of your legs from down-up from getting exposed to dirt, insects, and other unwanted elements that are common during summer. Moreover, crew socks are available in many materials like cotton, polyester, bamboo, silk, and other ‘lighter’ fabrics that allow a constant flow of air to your feet in warm weather.

Crew Socks in Winter

The cold weather requires your feet to be kept warm and cosy all through the day. Crew socks made from warmer materials like wool and cashmere are great for keeping your feet warm and cushioned. While ideal for formal occasions, crew socks are also perfect for wearing with boots in snow and while skiing or indulging in winter sports. What’s more? You have plenty of festive designs of men’s crew socks to choose from and get in the holiday spirit with just a few subtle touches.

The Odd Touch

At Odd, we understand the significance of a good design and great quality when it comes to crew socks for men. Our collection includes matching and odd combinations of high-quality crew socks perfect for men with a taste for the classy and eccentric. So if your wardrobe does not include odd crew socks for all occasions, it’s time to order some and make it colourful and cool again!