When Is Odd Socks Day in 2022 & Its Significance

When Is Odd Socks Day in 2022 & Its Significance

When you think of “Odd Socks,” you may simply think of wearing two different coloured or patterned socks. But there is a bigger significance behind wearing odd socks, particularly on Odd Socks Day. Marking the start of the Anti-Bullying Week each year in November, Odd Socks Day is a way to celebrate the uniqueness in each of us, regardless of our choices, appearances, and backgrounds. It is mainly celebrated in schools and other institutions where bullying is rampant and young people often struggle to express themselves due to the fear of being shamed and outcast.

So how is Odd Socks Day and the Anti-Bullying Week celebrated and when is it in 2022?


The Anti-Bullying Week is scheduled to take place between Monday, 14th November – Friday, 18th November 2022. And Odd Socks Day will mark the beginning of this week, i.e., on 14th November 2022. While last year’s theme for the Anti-Bullying Week was One Kind Word, this year’s theme will be revealed in May 2022. One of the best things about Odd Socks Day, apart from it being for a great, meaningful cause, is that you don’t have to do much to participate and raise awareness about bullying. There is no hassle of wearing expensive costumes or flaunting any particular fashion. 

As the name implies, simply wear odd socks and you’re good to go! Whether you’re going to school or the office or staying at home, you can show your support for the cause by wearing odd socks. Participants may be requested by schools or organisations to donate £1 or more to the Anti-Bullying Alliance UK. The organisation is dedicated to bringing more awareness to the cause, stopping bullying in schools and educational institutions, and providing appropriate support to the victims.

And you do not have to be in school to celebrate Odd Socks Day!

You can organise a fun Odd Socks Day event in your workplace and spread awareness about this important cause. And if you and your colleagues need a pair of odd socks for the event, you know where you can find the best quality odd socks! The Odd Co has several amazing, odd sock combinations for everyday wear which will make you stand out and look cool. Shop from our exclusive collection and make every day Odd Sock Day!