Which Socks To Wear With Boots – A Practical Guide for Men

One of the few exciting things about the Winter season is fashion. All the varieties of overcoats, jumpers, hoodies, and jackets make an otherwise dull and monochromatic season, lively and uplifting. Winter is also the time to don those stylish and protective boots. Wearing socks with boots can not only help you look classy and stylish but also provide your feet extra protection from the cold and make your boots last longer. While it may seem simple enough, choosing the right pair of socks to go with your boots, that also match your outfit and personality, can be a bit tricky. However, pairing socks with boots can be easy and fun if you know HOW to pick the right pair. Choose the Best Material Whether you wear boots at work or for leisure and adventure, they tend to retain a lot of moisture. The only thing that can stop the moisture from reaching your feet and making them wet and sweaty are socks. Hence, it is vital to consider the material of the socks you plan to wear with boots. Materials like natural fibres, merino wool, cotton, and polyester/synthetic fibre blends are ideal to be worn with boots because of their excellent moisture-wicking ability. Go For the Right Fit When it comes to choosing socks for wearing with boots, a general rule of thumb is that they must fit correctly. They should neither be loose nor too tight, as an ill-fitting pair of socks can make it difficult to move about in boots. Boot socks must also have well-incorporated seams so that there is minimum chafing, rubbing and irritation. Select the Perfect Shape You’ll be surprised to know that sock shape makes a big difference to how comfortable you are in boots all day. Ill-shaped socks that do not contour your feet are likely to slip down and make you extremely uncomfortable till the time you have your boots on. Avoid wearing tube socks with boots and only go for firmly shaped socks that stay on your feet all day long. Choose the Appropriate Sock Length Sock length is one of the determining factors when choosing the best one to wear with boots. Unlike other formal and casual boots that offer better flexibility, boots give limited choices when it comes to sock length. No-show socks and ankle-length socks are a big no-no when it comes to boots, as they are not protective and comfortable enough to keep your feet happy and healthy in boots. The length of your socks will depend on the length of your boots. Shorter cut boots can be worn with quarter length crew socks but should ideally be paired with crew socks that sit halfway up the calf. In fact, crew socks are the best choice of socks when it comes to any length of boots. Over-the-calf socks are less commonly worn with boots but are also acceptable. Something as simple as choosing the right pair of boot socks can make a big difference to how comfortably and confidently you carry yourself in any outfit. Hence, it is wise to take your time when selecting socks for your boots. Love wearing funky boots? Why not try our quirky yet classy, odd sock designs? Choose from a wide range of matching and odd socks for all occasions!