Winter Socks – How To Choose the Best Designs for the Cold Season

Winter is the season of gloves and socks! We’ve all curled up by the fireplace in a cosy pair of socks and read a book or watched our favourite holiday movie, at least once. And if you are someone with particularly cold feet, socks are probably your constant companions during the winter months. Even though we regularly wear socks in the winter to keep our feet warm, not all understand which ones are best suited for the purpose. Wearing the wrong kind of socks can do little or nothing to warm your feet and you may end up needing two to keep warm. But with the right pair of socks, your feet become nice and warm in no time! So, instead of picking up the first pair of socks that catch your eye in the shop or online, consider the following things while selecting socks for the winter.

The Material

The most crucial thing to consider when buying socks for winter is their material. Socks are one of those clothing items that can be made from a variety of materials. But not all of those materials are suitable for winter. You not only need your socks to keep your feet warm but also need them to be moisture-wicking, so they do not absorb the sweat and become heavy and clammy. For this reason, you must avoid cotton socks., no matter how good their design. Some of the best materials for winter socks are merino wool, acrylic, wool, alpaca, and thermolite.

Weight of the Material

We all love wearing chunky knit socks during winter. But they are not the best suited when you have to put on your winter boots or shoes when going to work, exercise or somewhere else. It’s advisable to get a mixture of both thick, chunky knit socks for wearing at home and thin, professional socks for when you’re going out, as they will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how big your boots are.

The Length

Ankle-length and no-show socks are often the preferred lengths for socks in milder weather. However, for the dry and colder months, it is best to get mid-calf or over the calf socks for maximum warmth.

The Purpose

Just like cosy thick socks are not well-suited for wearing when stepping out of the house, wearing thin, cotton socks is also not advisable in freezing weather or when you are exercising. Depending on the occasion and purpose, you will need to choose socks that are suitable for wearing at home, for exercising outdoors or for wearing at work.

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